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Handicap Enterprises was formed in the year 1952 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, by a man named Okey Stedman. In 1965, when Mr. Stedman passed away, a handicapped employee named Charles Tasma purchased the business and it was known as Handicap Sign and Blindway Sales, specializing in silk screening, hand painting, and also distribution of products made by the blind. Originally located on Division Ave, the business moved in 1967 to its present location at 1142 Wealthy Street, SE, in Grand Rapids. 

Since 1981 we have been known as Handicap Sign Shop Inc. In 2001 the word “shop” was dropped from our name leaving it as Handicap Sign Inc.

Over the years Handicap Sign, Inc. has evolved into a family-run business. In 1993, Charles Tasma retired and his son, Charles Jay Tasma, purchased the company, helping it grow to become West Michigan’s best sign service, offering a full array of signs, banners, vinyl lettering, magnetic signs, and more. He chose to carry on the name, though we currently do not have any physically handicapped employees on staff.